Her work has been shown throughout the U.S. in wildlife art exhibits.  Jennifer is represented by Manitou Galleries in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Mountain Trails Gallery in Jackson, Wyoming as well as Park City, Utah; and Blue Heron Gallery in Welfleet, Massachusetts.  

Jennifer currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

"I enjoy painting "portraits" of animals.  It's amazing how truly unique each creature is... how each has its own personality, just as we do.  I am also a bit of an anthropomorphist.  I love to create scenes in which my animals are experiencing human emotions.  In, "Abundance", the animals I've included are "sharing" the great wealth of the Banana Yucca.  "Sharing" would probably not be considered a common behavior between predator and prey."

Jennifer has earned numerous distinctions including the 2010 Oil Painters of America Animals Award of Excellence as well as a cash scholarship offered only once by critically acclaimed painter, James Reynolds, CAA.


In the summer of 2005, Jennifer O'Cualain set out to reinvent herself.  By combining years of experience as a professional portrait artist and her love of animals, Jennifer became a Wildlife Artist.