During a meditative moment one evening I saw a flash of this image and the word “abundance”. I quickly made a thumbnail sketch and wrote down a few notes.  I drew the bobcat, several birds, the small desert animals and the flowering plant, which I had seen many times but knew nothing about. After some research, I discovered the plant was a Banana Yucca. It is known as one of the most abundant and fruitful plants of the desert southwest. As I developed the composition, I used this insight to allow myself artistic license to refine the elements of the painting.

   A Banana Yucca would commonly never produce three flower spikes at one time, but in “Abundance”, the plant has received such wealth from the Earth it has sprung forth these three. The birds and small animals would hardly gather in such a way, but at this moment, they all feel a common peace to share the bounty. They do not fear the predatory bobcat but sense his great satisfaction. The bobcat wants for nothing. He is surrounded by Abundance.



48" x 28" Limited Edition Giclee



"peaceable desert"


60" x 40" Limited Edition Giclee 




60x40" Limited Edition Giclee




60" x 40" Limited Edition Giclee 




38" x 50" Limited Edition Giclee 




37.5" x 57.5" Limited Edition Giclee